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The ability to feel empathy is a gift. It allows us to understand and share the emotions of other people, pushing us outside of our own narrow views of the world. Empathy is the root of friendship, trust, collaboration … even love. It’s a feeling of connection that we all know and share. But being

by Emma Saldanha Looking for a structured way to improve your productivity? We’ve got this…  If you’re struggling to keep track of your daily tasks, a well organised to do list could be the perfect solution for you. However, having everything noted on one big list can sometimes seem overwhelming. Especially if you’ve not written

We, unfortunately, live in a world where women’s ill-health sometimes isn’t taken seriously. Despite women knowing how they feel in their own bodies, GPs (general practitioners) continue to ignore their concerns, but why is this? For some, a diagnosis may be too late, and any delayed diagnosis solicitor will tell you that women often struggle

According to several studies, single women appear to have closed the gender gap when it comes to owning their own homes, despite their average lower wage income. Statistically, nearly twice as many single women are owning homes than single men.  Nowadays, there are several first-time-buyer schemes individuals can access to help them make their first